What Personal Data do we hold?

2.1 We may hold the following types of Personal Data:

2.1.1 name and contact details;

2.1.2 gender, age, date of birth, and marital status;

2.1.3 information about education/work history and professional qualifications;

2.1.4 information about family and any dependants;

2.1.5 information about your current involvement in activities and events of the Order;

2.1.6 financial information (e.g. bank details) and details of any donations you have made to us in the past;

2.1.7 information obtained as a result of any background checks on volunteers;

2.1.8 photographs, digital or telephone recordings and CCTV;

2.1.9 information we collect through your use of our websites such as IP addresses and other information collected using cookies; and

2.1.10 any other information which you choose to provide to us or that we are provided with by others.

2.2 We may also hold Special Categories of Personal Data e.g. information about your religious beliefs, information about your health and well-being, information revealing racial or ethnic origins or in the case of background checks, information about criminal records or proceedings.

We may also receive Personal Data about you from third parties, for example, your family members, fellow Roman Catholics, Dioceses, other Orders, medical professionals, the Police and other law enforcement bodies.