How and why do we Process your Personal Data?

3.1 The Personal Data which we hold about you, whether it is collected directly from you or whether we receive it from a third party, may be Processed in a number of ways, for example:

3.1.2 to communicate with you in relation to news about or activities and events taking place in and around any Community of the Order, including seeking feedback and informing you of any changes to our activities;

3.1.3 to improve our activities and the way we communicate with you including our websites;

3.1.4 to offer pastoral ministry and spiritual care;

3.1.5 to process donations that you may make to us or other payments where, for example, you hire facilities belonging to the Order;

3.1.6 to administer, support, improve and develop the administration of the Order’s work and operations, and to keep the Order’s or any Community or Mission Office accounts and records up-to-date;

3.1.7 to process applications from you, including grant applications and applications for a role within the Order;

3.1.8 for audit and statistical purposes (e.g. for the annual audit undertaken by the Dioceses and/or the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales); and

3.1.9 to ensure we comply with our legal obligations (e.g. by providing information to the Charity Commission or HMRC or carrying out safeguarding activities);

3.2 Any information gathered through cookies and similar technologies via the websites of the Order is used to measure and analyse information on visits to the website, to tailor the website to make it better for visitors and to improve technical performance. We will not use the data to identify you personally or to make any decisions about you.