COP 26 – Saving the Planet Earth

Let the students march and speak, Let the youth protest and cry, Let the day of justice roll on.

May they change the world with truth
and confound the lie.
The world is heating, we are cooking ourselves to death,

We are burning coal and oil and everything we can,
We are the arsonists of this planet and will bring it to an end,
We will soon return to the primeval state from where we first began.

So raise your banner and join the march,
Let your voice be loud for all to hear,
There is nothing more important than we stand,
As one against the intimidation and the fear.

The climate is a changing, the forests are burning and falling down,
The oceans are filled with plastic and the earth is turning from green to brown.

We must challenge the politics and the powers,
The tycoons of industry and corruption all around,
We must cry foul, to save the Earth,
The climate is changing for the worst, that is the greatest threat.

We see the hope in the voices of the youth,
That demand with Greta that change must come.

We feel the strength and the mighty power of honesty and the truth,
The people are on the move, the children and the old,
The brave and courageous youth.

They will change the minds and hardened hearts,
they will restore the Planet green and blue,
They will live and fight for what is so right, good and true.

Fr. Shay Cullen

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