In the memory of the late Joseph Sandri mccj (1946-2019)

This new piece is in the memory of the late Joseph Sandri mccj (1946-2019), the Comboni Missionary who sponsored Doctor Immanuel Taban all the way through medical school in South Africa and whose picture appears in the clip and whose photograph is seen on the doctor’s desk. Our Missionaries in South Africa say that Doctor Taban regards Father Sandri as the ‘father he never had’, and to prove the point he insisted ‘as a son’ on transferring an unconscious Joseph Sandri from a local hospital in Witbank to a leading private hospital in Pretoria and on paying all the medical bills. Notwithstanding the best of medical attention, Joseph died after three months’ stay in Intensive Care on May 30th 2019 at the age of seventy-two.

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