Chad and Catholic Bishops: “The future of the country belongs to everybody”

In a strong message, the catholic bishops call on the population to “resist the temptation of violence and discouragement”.

Chad is going through a very difficult time because of “disputes on the presidential election management, the non-payment of wages and the austerity measures taken by the government to tackle the economic and financial crisis”, wrote the Bishops of Chad in their recent message.

Politically, the Bishops complain about “the lack of dialogue” between government and the opposition and between institutions and civil society, which subsequently constitutes “a serious threat to democracy”.

Since Chad has been exporting oil, “the country has lost its agricultural and pastoral vocation”, stressed the message.”But, the mismanagement of oil revenues and the brutal fall in international oil prices have brought to light, as expected, the fragility of an economy based on a resource that arouses against so many ambitions”.

The lack of interest in the primary sector and the advance of desertification are causing “bloody conflicts between shepherds and farmers, causing human and material losses”.

The bishops ask everyone to do their part to get the country out of the crisis by inviting the population to “resist the temptation of violence and discouragement”. “The future of the Country belongs to you. It is up to you to draw a new path, away from beaten paths marked by the errors of the past. This happens if there is tolerance, respect for differences and beliefs and mutual acceptance”.

Meanwhile, once again the government has postponed parliamentary elections. “When we say we can not have the election, it is because we do not have the means. In times of low, we cannot do anything, and when we have resources, we can hold parliamentary elections”, said President Deby. President Idriss Déby Itno also called for a dialogue with the opposition in the country to solve the problems.

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