USA-Mexico Wall: Mexican Bishops – “We express our sorrow: an inhuman interference”

“With deep sorrow, through the means of communication, we received the information on the decree signed by the President of the United States Donald Trump, ordering the construction of the Mexico-USA wall” – the Mexican Bishops’ Conference (CEM), signed by the CEM Commission for Human Mobility, Msgr. Guillermo Ortiz Mondragón, Bishop of Cuautitlán, and by Secretary General Msgr. Alfonso Gerardo Miranda Guardiola. 

“For more than twenty years, the bishops of the northern border of Mexico, along with those of the southern border of the United States, have been engaged in providing utmost support to the faithful living in these two brother Countries. They are de facto residents in the same city, whose communities are followed by two dioceses, such as Matamoros and Brownsville, or Laredo and Nuevo Laredo”.
The Mexican Bishops echoed the words of Msgr. Joe Vasquez, President of the Committee on Migration of the United States’ Bishops’ Conference (USCCB) and Bishop of the Diocese of Austin. They said that the provision “will put immigrant lives needlessly in harm, making them – especially women and children – more susceptible to traffickers and smugglers”.

We will continue to support and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who come from Central and South America and who are in transit through our country to the United States”, continues the statement of the Mexican bishops.“We hereby express our sorrow and decry the decision to build this wall, and we respectfully appeal to engage in a deep reflection to identify the best ways to achieve security, development and job opportunities, along with other necessary and fair measures, without causing further harm to those already experiencing situations of suffering, notably the poor and the most vulnerable.”

The Mexican Bishops call upon “our national authorities to undertake the righteous paths in the dialogue and in the agreements with the United States, ensuring the respect of the inviolable dignity of all those involved, regardless of their nationality or religious belief”. 
The value of every human person, “all sons and daughters of God is intrinsic, and immeasurable”.

Finally, conclude the Mexican bishops, “We respect the decision of the Government of the United States to protect its borders and its citizens. However, we believe that the rigorous implementation of the law is not the appropriate way to reach these goals. In fact, such actions are doomed to spark feelings of fear and alarm among the immigrant population, breaking apart high numbers of families, notwithstanding other considerations”.

Meanwhile, The Holy See is worried at the “message that is given to the world” by the wall being built between the USA and Mexico, which US president Donald Trump wants to use to curb migration. It “hopes no other country, not even in Europe, will follow his example”, said by cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Ministry for the promotion of integral human development.

“We hope the wall will not be built, but, when Trump is involved, it probably will”, he stated. The Holy See is worried, because this is not only about Mexico, this is a message that is given to the world. “It is not only the USA that want to build walls against migrants, it happens in Europe too. I hope they will not follow his example. A president may well build a wall but the next president might come and pull it down”, said Cardinal Turkson

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